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If you enjoyed this exhibit, please visit us in person at the Virginiana Room, Main Street Library or online at www.nngov.com/library/resources/digital. This remarkable collection contains local history records, rare books, and the Old Dominion Land Company Records, plus many other hidden treasures. The Collection was once housed in the attic of the West Avenue Library for protection and then moved to the branch’s North Reading Room to give the public easier access to the materials. It was later moved to Main Street Library when it opened in 1996.

Exhibit Team

Supervising Librarian – Sherin Henderson
Senior Librarian, Virginiana Room – Gregg Grunow
Exhibit Coordinator – Judith S. Condra
Research Assistant – Leandra DeFeo

exhibit Consultant

Dr. Julie Richter


Mellen Street Graphics

Bibliography – Compiled by Leandra DeFeo

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Main Street Library, Virginiana Collections Used:

Historic and Souvenir Postcard Collections
Photography Collection: Southland Studios, Rusk
Maps and Documents of the Old Dominion Land Company

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